Music Creation



Some of the items listed cover two categories, such as the Alesis studio monitors above which are also an interface, or the Behringer U-Phoria below which has a built in preamp. Reaper is a great full featured DAW that can keep up with the likes of Logic and Pro Tools, but there are free alternatives if you need to go cheaper. Check out Ohm Studio or Audacity. A USB mic may be your cheapest mic option, but if at all possible, I would avoid USB. If you are getting a pre with phantom power (like the one included in the Behringer U-Phoria,) you could buy the Nady SCM 900 – a great studio condenser for $70. Just remember to add an XLR cable of your accessories list. When it comes to sound treatment, you can deaden the sound, and / or diffuse the sound with things you may already have. There are tons if DIY sound treatment ideas floating around on the internet. Between finding a good room and identifying its positive properties and working with them instead of fighting them, and cheaply tackling problem areas like corners in the ceilings, you can still lay down great tracks for cheap in the best room you have access to, however humble the room may be.

Also, don’t forget to check for used gear on Craigslist, Ebay, etc. but if you aren’t familiar with the brand, do your research and be sure it’s not a legacy product that will be incompatible with your modern rig. There are some great deals sometimes on things like old Pro Tools HD rigs, and if you can find one that is turnkey, it could be a great option. Just be prepared to live in the past, and stay in the past with old software, an old OS, and an old CPU you can’t update. If you do that, learn it, stick with it, record a lot of natural things, use a lot of analog gear, you can make great things with legacy systems.