Bring Haven to Heaven Fest

I would love to see you at this event, but first, we’ve got to get there! You can use the link above to help get me there (put my name in the top ‘Local Band’ spot), and use the link on their homepage to enter for free tickets for you.

Here’s a little more info about the event:

Heaven Fest is a Christian Music Festival happening in Denver, Colorado on Saturday, July 31st, 2010 with 70+ Artists, 7 Stages and 7 Interactive areas. Tens of thousands of people from all over Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nebraska, Utah and Kansas will be coming to Denver to see over 80 bands and artists perform on 8 stages with 8 interactive areas!
In 2008 Heaven Fest became the largest Christian music festival ever to happen in Colorado. In 2009 Heaven Fest nearly doubled in size to over 23,000 people.

Heaven Fest features an array of different musical genres from Rock, Hip-Hop, Hardcore, Gospel, Worship, Acoustic, Folk, Metal, Rap, Electronica, and Experimental. Over 70 artists will play on 7 stages all throughout the day so there will always e something to do!

At the end of the night, Heaven Fest will make Jesus Christ the headliner of the festival by having a nameless, faceless worship band with tons of pastors, prayer-ers, intercessors and worshippers. For the rest of the night, we will worship Jesus Christ and make him the headliner of Heaven Fest and the only name worth mentioning.

Heaven Fest also features a massive 111 Piece art gallery, a 100ft. long interactive art wall and several professional artists to display live their artistic skills through different mediums.

Heaven Fest also features professional skateboarders and will have a full Skate Park for attendees to come and display their skills during the day.

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